Corporates & Entrepreneurs Success Stories –
Watch list 2021

Success Stories –
Watch list 2021

Every company is as unique as its products and services – and the people behind them. As a long-time partner to the Swiss business community, we gain valuable insights into many of these firms.

Nine exceptional companies are on our watch list this year. In the past, they’ve all demonstrated that they’re able to shrewdly assess the market and respond quickly. The SMEs on our list have found their niche market and have been able to shape it thanks to their powerful inventive genius. On this basis, they have the ideal prerequisites to stand out again in 2021.


is critical to any company’s success. The aim is to conquer new fields of business and always stay one step ahead of the market.

Traditional companies

are tended and passed down from generation to generation. They strive to marry innovation with existing knowledge and tradition.

Hidden heroes

are everywhere. They do important work, but don’t get much attention outside their industries. Yet their products are often quite familiar and play important roles in our everyday lives.

Your goal is our goal.

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