switzerland global enterprise helps with expansion abroad

Switzerland Global Enterprise: Support with Internationalization

Expansion into other countries is associated with new perspectives, but it also carries risks and generates many questions. Credit Suisse supports companies in their internationalization with the help of partners such as Switzerland Global Enterprise (S-GE).

As a Swiss company, there are many reasons to brave the step into other countries: expanding your own market, reducing transport distances, cutting production costs, or making deviations for currency reasons. As an international bank, Credit Suisse is continuously analyzing the international markets as well as monitoring currency developments and economic trends. It also has a broad network of contacts, which can be selectively passed on to clients. Studies have shown that there is a strong positive correlation between the use of networks and the success of internationalization. That is why Credit Suisse maintains various partnerships – so that it can offer its clients even more know-how and more extensive networks. One such partnership connects Credit Suisse as the only bank to Switzerland Global Enterprise – S-GE for short, formerly Osec. As the official export promotion agency of the federal government, S-GE is tasked with strengthening Switzerland as a business location in a global context. An export help team provides initial information and offers small and medium-sized enterprises the necessary support regarding all kinds of export questions: for example, processing VAT, sending employees on assignments abroad, cross-border traffic in goods and services, CE marking, or use of the Swissness label. Every year, the company also organizes several specialist events, consultation sessions focusing on particular countries, trips for entrepreneurs, and web seminars. Last but not least, with 21 Swiss branches in the most important business centers and a global network of specialists, S-GE offers competent support abroad, as well. With Credit Suisse’s comprehensive product range, covering everything from worldwide payment transactions to international fac­toring, the needs of clients looking to export can be met in every area.