Swiss regional studies: New study on French-speaking Switzerland

Swiss regional studies: New study on French-speaking Switzerland

As a bank with deep roots in Switzerland, we believe it is important to have a thorough understanding of the country's individual regions and cantons. The aim of our regional studies is to make an active contribution to the debate on the future of our regional economies. Our latest study takes an in-depth look at Switzerland's French-speaking cantons.

Spotlight on regional economies

Switzerland is characterized by the diversity of its regions, all of which have their own distinguishing features and therefore their own very different economic performance. In their regional studies, the Credit Suisse economists focus on a specific economic area – usually a major region or canton – and analyze its economic position in detail. Which locational factors have a positive impact, and which tend to hinder growth? What are the opportunities and challenges faced by the region and its economy – both now and in the future? The regional studies tackle various topics such as business and industry structure, locational quality, labor market, tax policy, population and migration, affordability, as well as the real estate market.

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