Why wait? Get your billing system ready for QR-bills and eBills today.

The elimination of payment slips in September 2022 is not far off. The traditional red and orange slips will be replaced by an innovative billing system: QR-bills and eBills. To ensure a seamless transition, Credit Suisse has two efficient solutions for companies to choose from. 

Update your billing system by switching to an eBill or cloud solution

It's the end of an era on September 30, 2022: the very last payment orders with payment slips will be executed. These slips will be replaced by QR-bills and eBills. To ensure that your company makes a smooth transition "from the past to the present," it is essential that you begin the billing migration process as soon as possible.

The migration is mandatory, but it enables you to bring higher efficiency to your billing process for a lower cost. That's why companies can benefit by staying a step or two ahead: for example, with the digital eBill invoicing service or a contemporary cloud solution for smaller enterprises.

The eBill invoicing service for medium-sized and larger companies.

The elimination of the payment slips is the perfect opportunity for medium-sized and larger companies to take their entire billing process digital, which will save them considerable processing time, among other things.

As if that weren't enough, the eBill invoicing service will have a long-term, positive cost effect – some 60% compared with paper billing, according to a study by University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland.

Quantitative factors influence the choice of invoicing options

Quantitative factors influence the choice of invoicing options

Quantitative factors that influence a company's choice of invoicing options
Source: FHNW study (authors: Taulant Gashnjani and Thierry Klinkert, adjunct professor: Sandra Suter)

The billing process with eBill

Source: Credit Suisse

The benefits of the eBill invoicing services for your invoicing process

The eBill invoicing service supports medium-sized and large companies with their billing and includes the following advantages:

  • Efficient, secure billing: eBill simplifies processes across the board and gives you a highly efficient, secure, and paperless way to process your invoices.
  • More reliable and punctual incoming payments: Some 95% of all eBill recipients approve payment before, on, or shortly after the due date.
  • Greater customer satisfaction: Customers/billing recipients receive the electronic invoices directly in online and mobile banking. The invoices can be paid quickly, securely, and without paperwork. For customers without access to electronic invoicing, there is also the option to use post, email, KLARA, or PEAX.

Enterprise software for smaller businesses

The discontinuation of the red and orange payment slips is the best time to bring your company's in-house billing process up to date and replace obsolete methods such as Word and Excel or older billing software. Thanks to simple, modern enterprise software, you'll have less administrative work and more time for getting back to business. There are already free solutions on the market that can be complemented with low-cost additional options.

Innovative enterprise software offers two key qualities that make it so user-friendly:

  • Cloud-based solutions do not require installation. The latest version is always available and employees can access company data from anywhere they wish.
  • Integrated solutions are divided into various modules that automatically communicate with each other for the required data used in the billing process. This means you never enter data more than once.

KLARA offers so much more than billing

KLARA others other functions, too, such as:

  • Invoicing via eBill: Send invoices directly to the customer's online and mobile banking account, and benefit from more consistent payments from your billing recipients.
  • Cash register / POS: Make sales and post them directly to KLARA, in one shop or multiple branches, with a connection to standard card terminals.
  • Online shop: Simple setup and management of a web shop linked to your bookkeeping.
  • Projects: Enter project costs, bill them directly, and post.
  • Digital mailbox: Receive payable invoices electronically or scan all of your correspondence and view it electronically.
  • Debt collection: Handle it directly and electronically from KLARA.

Benefit from the free, automatic account reconciliation

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