LLL & GetDiversity: Network for Female Entrepreneurs

LLL & GetDiversity: Network for Female Entrepreneurs

Fresh impetus, the latest knowledge, and networking opportunities for female entrepreneurs and businesswomen from all over the world.

“League of Leading Ladies”

It is important to Credit Suisse to promote women in the business world and as entrepreneurs. That is why it is the co-sponsor of the annual “League of Leading Ladies (LLL) conference.” This is held by the business club of the same name. Membership to the club is gained by personal invitation; however, access to the conference is open to non-members and men as well. The event is inspired by the philosophers’ circle of ancient Greece, where leading personalities, authors, and scientists came together to discuss current issues. Under the title “Smashing the Box,” 150 participants recently met over two days in the Hotel Victoria-Jungfrau in Interlaken to share their entrepreneurial visions and discuss the implementation of innovative ideas. At the end, one visitor enthusiastically declared that the two days had been so enriching for her that she wished the conference would last a few more days. The event organizers also had a very positive impression and look forward to the upcoming symposium entitled “Disruptive Times.” Béatrice Fischer, Head of Communication & Marketing at Credit Suisse (Switzerland) Ltd. on the subject: “We support this top-class conference because these women play an important part in shaping the economy, and we would like to find out more about their needs in order to provide them with optimum support with their financial challenges.”


For just over a decade, the organization GetDiversity has been working towards equal opportunities in board memberships. Its aim is for 50 percent of candidates to be female. After all, successful companies and organizations have proven that the inclusion of women, with their additional viewpoints, values, and ranges of experience, significantly improves the quality of a board’s decisions. This has been confirmed in a study by Credit Suisse Economic Research. Specifically, GetDiversity is a platform which, on the one hand, supports and promotes women on their way to board membership and looks after a pool of candidates – on the other hand, it advises companies in the search for a suitable candidate. Credit Suisse is the main sponsor of the annual GetDiversity event. The ambitions of GetDiversity are very similar to those of the bank, which are to actively promote women, both externally and internally.