Online Leasing: Quick and easy capital goods leasing

Use the post-coronavirus rebound to preserve capital – leasing is the quick and easy way to acquire new machinery

Use without buying. Leasing offers companies the opportunity to stay at the cutting edge of technology all while preserving liquidity. Thanks to Online Leasing, SMEs can lease vehicles or capital goods even more efficiently and flexibly. Whether you are looking to conclude a lease agreement in the office or while working from home, Online Leasing allows you to conclude leasing agreements anywhere and gives you a clear overview of your leasing agreements.

Leasing capital goods and vehicles increases liquidity

Leasing is the ideal way to finance capital goods and vehicles. In addition to always using the latest technology, the company remains flexible, preserves liquidity, and improves return on equity. It is also ideal for SMEs as a long-term financing option or to optimize their financing mix.

The way leasing works is quite simple. Credit Suisse purchases the selected asset directly from the supplier and then assigns it to the company for use during the term stipulated in the lease agreement. The calculated lease payment is made from monthly earnings and it is possible to plan costs very precisely.

As a leading bank for entrepreneurs, Credit Suisse uses leasing to find an attractive financing solution even in challenging times.

Companies can make investments even faster with Online Leasing

Capital goods or vehicle leasing is even faster and more efficient thanks to Online Leasing. Whether you're away on a business trip or working from home – the agreements can be viewed at any time and from any location. It is also possible to conclude a new lease agreement online: around the clock and completely digitally. Online Leasing applications are reviewed by Credit Suisse quickly and efficiently. This reduces the administrative effort on both sides, leads to cost savings, and allows the bank to make a quick credit decision if the company has good creditworthiness.

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