Executives: Banking services for discerning clients

More than just private banking: The executive offering from Credit Suisse

Executives often carry a large amount of responsibility – for the company as well as for their employees. Accordingly, they also need a bank that meets their high requirements. In order to cater to the needs of these discerning clients, Credit Suisse offers a comprehensive package of advisory services for executives.

A complement to traditional banking services for executives

The executive offering complements traditional banking services with eight dedicated advisory modules. These modules address the specific needs of executives and offer holistic advice as well as specific solutions – ideally tailored to clients' individual life situation and needs.

A diverse offering for all executives

The individual modules of the executive offering meet a wide range of requirements. For instance, it is possible to take out loans against equities from employee participations, thereby creating more financial flexibility. The possibility of obtaining liquidity to buy into the company also provides more leeway for prospective partners of law firms or consultancies.

Other executive needs can be covered by implementing diversification strategies and providing access to private investment markets. There are many optimization options for this demanding clientele in the tax and pension fields. Remuneration is often provided via customized employee participation plans, which also creates a specific advisory need. Heads of HR and CFOs can also provide their employees with attractive fringe benefits offering preferential terms and conditions on banking services.

What happens when an executive is absent for a longer period of time? Whether as the result of an accident, serious illness, or any other reason, when a real emergency occurs, important questions arise. Are family members adequately provided for? Do they have access to short-term liquidity? Who makes the relevant decisions? An emergency plan for executives provides answers and serves as protection if things get difficult.

The eight modules of the executive offering

1. Financing

Loans against listed single stock positions create liquidity without selling positions from employee participation programs. The new funds can be used for portfolio diversification or other projects, such as purchasing real estate.

2. Investments

Equities from one's own company from compensation plans often represent a concentration risk for executives. Bespoke diversification portfolios from the Executive offering optimize the risk/return ratio of investments. Option strategies can increase returns or hedge against unfavorable price trends.

3. Investments in unlisted companies

Private equity is an interesting asset class. This is where the executive offering comes into play: Investors gain access to leading growth ventures, SMEs seeking successors, and other top investments in private equity, and benefit from expert, personalized advice.

4. Taxes

An analysis of the tax burden identifies any optimization potential in the case of complex compensation models and asset situations. Executives also receive assistance with tax-efficient wealth accumulation, including an individual management and sales strategy for corporate equity.

5. Emergency plan

An emergency plan provides the best possible protection in case of an unfortunate event. The offer includes a will review, an advance directive, as well as other important contracts and powers of attorney.

6. Pension provision

The executive offering comprises an analysis of the current personal and financial situation as well as the development of a personal pension plan. 1e pension solutions also generate additional flexibility in extra-mandatory employee benefits insurance.

7. Employee participation plans

Employee participation plans are an important tool for the retention of skilled employees; however, the increasingly complex regulatory environment makes implementation more difficult. One answer to this problem is the Employee Share Ownership Service (ESOS) with customized employee participation plans and an online software solution, which ensures straightforward and correct processing.

8. Preferential terms and conditions for employees

The executive offering also includes fringe benefits offerings, through which all employees of the company benefit from attractive terms on a wide range of banking services. In addition to the preferential terms and conditions, the offering includes advisory services – such as retirement events, pension provision seminars, and rapid and straightforward account opening for newcomers to Switzerland.

The executive offering adapts to the personal situation of executives

Our needs change as our circumstances evolve. The executive offering takes this into account and focuses on the key modules for the individual life stages:

From executive to entrepreneur

Making the switch from executive to entrepreneur: this takes courage and, most of all, good support. The offering provides this through access to interesting investment opportunities. These include, for example, Swiss SMEs seeking a successor. In turn, there are also advisory services for financing the acquisition. Especially for management buyouts.

Switching to entrepreneurship often makes your own tax situation more complex. Here, the offering provides a solution in the form of a detailed analysis and optimization of the tax burden.

Finally, by identifying the pension solution and a dedicated 1e investment strategy, it is possible to develop the most suitable pension provision: for yourself and your family – despite taking on entrepreneurial risk.

Exit from the company

A job change or (early) retirement can have far-reaching financial consequences. Important decisions must therefore be made early enough, especially with regard to the pension situation and the associated risk coverage. Because these change significantly upon leaving a company. Here, the executive offering provides solutions and advice for executives.

Furthermore, the services also include an analysis of the tax situation before and after retirement, as well as measures to optimize the tax burden. Comprehensive analysis and financial planning are therefore recommended so you can achieve your own goals even after leaving the company.

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