Entrepreneurship: A look at founding a company in Switzerland

Entrepreneurial success. Innovation is the key.

Being just as successful as Alfred Escher. Is this still possible? This year's Credit Suisse Entrepreneur Conference provided participants with interesting information on an exclusive and first-hand basis. In presentations and panel discussions, renowned speakers discussed what it takes to found a company as well as future political and economic challenges.

Entrepreneurship is looking toward the future

"The future will be different – but how?" This was the motto of the Credit Suisse Entrepreneur Conference, which was held for the second time on September 12, 2019. More than 230 entrepreneurs and experts gathered at the Bocken seminar hotel in Horgen (ZH). Sonja Hasler, a moderator at SRF, guided the participants through an exciting and informative day with a clear message: Deal with the challenges of the future in good time. This is essential for companies if they want to remain competitive and evolve over time.

Participants also heard exclusive presentations by politicians, business leaders and researchers addressing the most relevant topics related to the future, providing them with new perspectives and an opportunity for reflection. In panel discussions and breakout sessions, participants listened eagerly as they learned about the latest developments and answers to key questions for companies. Participants also had time to speak with other entrepreneurs and share their personal experiences and views with the experts.

As a bank for entrepreneurs, we support our clients comprehensively. The sold-out Entrepreneur Conference once again demonstrates the need top managers at Swiss companies have for information and discussions with experts about current topics.

Hans Baumgartner, Head of Region Zurich, Credit Suisse (Switzerland) Ltd.

More capital available for founding a company

In the spirit of Alfred Escher, a pioneer of the entrepreneurial era with a dynamic entrepreneurial spirit, the speakers explored the political, economic, and social conditions for entrepreneurship, both in the past and now. What demands do young entrepreneurs face now compared to Escher's time when founding a business? During an exciting panel discussion, Marjan Kraak, Head of the Spin-off Group at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich spoke with the founders of two successful start-ups in the area of medical technology and electronics.

Innovation leads to entrepreneurial success

Daniel Grieder knows how companies can expand on their success over the long term through innovation, both during and after the digital revolution. Since assuming the role of CEO at Tommy Hilfiger Global and PHV Europe in 2008, the ambitious Swiss national has managed to expand Tommy Hilfiger to more than 100 countries – with global retail sales of 8.5 billion US dollars in 2018, up from 4 billion US dollars in 2008. He shared his expertise with the public in a fascinating presentation.

Brexit and entrepreneurship in Switzerland.

In addition to hot topics such as digitalization, political events were discussed as well. The final phase and potential consequences of Brexit were hotly debated. Sir John Major, former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and Senior Advisor to Credit Suisse, answered questions about the impacts of political developments for Swiss companies in an exciting interview with Sonja Hasler.

The participation by Federal Councilor Ernst Stocker and Sir John Major demonstrates the importance and appeal of the Entrepreneur Conference. Conference participants gained interesting background information about the current Brexit debate first-hand from Sir John Major as well as his assessment of the global political and economic situation in view of global challenges.

Hans Baumgartner, Head of Region Zurich, Credit Suisse (Switzerland) Ltd.

Fascinating discussions both within and outside of the program

Comprehensive breakout sessions on specific topics rounded out the exclusive presentations by renowned speakers. Depending on their interests, participants learned about topics such as "1e" pension solutions, the effects of persistently negative interest rates and the SNB's role here, cybersecurity, and the consequences of the recently approved tax reform proposal and AHV financing (TRAF).

In short, the 2019 Credit Suisse Entrepreneur Conference was very rewarding for all participants. In addition to the presentations, discussions, and debates, there was also a drinks reception where participants had the opportunity to speak with one another, discuss topics in greater depth, and make new contacts. Alfred Escher would have enjoyed it.

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