Direct Business: Intelligent Online Banking for Companies

Direct Business: Intelligent Online Banking for Companies

A user interface that is as individual as the apps on a smartphone and an overview of all accounts from different banks – this is what online banking now looks like for Credit Suisse corporate clients.

Until recently, when it came to online banking, Swiss banks did not differentiate between someone making a few private payments once a month and a corporate client with countless supplier invoices to pay every day; every client, whether an individual or an SME, had a uniform user interface with identical functions. This is changing for Credit Suisse corporate clients. This new online banking platform for businesses is called Credit Suisse Direct Business. The interface consists of widgets, which are like intelligent tiles, comparable with apps on a smartphone. Just like apps, widgets can be arranged in such a way that each client can see exactly those functions that they use most often. In this way, the new Online Banking interface takes account of how varied SME businesses can be, because a 20-person business that operates locally does not have the same needs as a multinational company with 500 employees.

All Banks at a Glance

Direct Business is more than just practical and customizable, however. In addition to the new interface, it offers new functions that are tailored to businesses. One of these is “multibanking,” a first in the Swiss banking world that will save many SMEs a lot of work: Multibanking means that the Online Banking interface shows not only the client’s Credit Suisse bank accounts, but all of its bank accounts, including those from other financial institutions around the world. This exchange is made possible thanks to an intelligent system that translates international banking standards into Swiss formats.

New: Online Leasing

Online leasing is another service offered via Direct Business that clients can now use easily and without any bureaucratic hurdles. Provided the company meets the bank’s requirements for lending, a new paperless contract is digitally signed and concluded within a few minutes – 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Direct Business is currently being implemented.