Credit Suisse Direct: Intelligent Online Banking for Companies

Online banking with Credit Suisse Direct. More time for everything else

A user interface as individual as the apps on a smartphone and all accounts from various banks at a glance – clear, flexible, efficient – this is what the new online banking solution for Credit Suisse corporate clients looks like.

Credit Suisse Direct, the new online banking solution for corporate clients, stands for both continuity and innovation: While the system is based on the existing Online Banking framework, thus ensuring the reliability that Credit Suisse clients expect, Credit Suisse Direct also offers surprising new options, such as Multibanking. The developers of the new system worked closely with a group of different corporate clients. The goal was to determine as many needs as possible and then implement them. Common to all clients was a wish for greater efficiency and a clear overview. The developers, however, achieved much more than that: Credit Suisse Direct offers quick, simple, and intuitive navigation, all the processes have been optimized, and many new time-saving options for clients have been added.

Widgets and E-Documents

The start page now has a widget concept. Widgets are a type of intelligent tile, similar to apps on a smartphone. Just like apps, they can be arranged individually. This way, each client has the specific functions most important to them in their line of sight. Many companies also no longer wish to receive paper documents, since they work with an electronic filing system. Credit Suisse Direct meets this need by providing all banking activities in the form of electronic files. E-documents not only save time and space, they also help protect the environment.

Multibanking: A Minor Revolution

Most companies have relationships with several banks. To maintain an overview, it was previously necessary to log into all online banking services regularly. This was the only way to closely monitor liquidity developments and manage the balance ideally. This time-consuming process is now history with the new Multibanking function from Credit Suisse Direct: Multibanking also shows the accounts at other financial institutions worldwide. This exchange is made possible thanks to an intelligent system that translates international banking standards into Swiss formats. So instead of having to painstakingly access different account data, Credit Suisse corporate clients can now access their entire global liquidity situation at a glance, which makes planning and control much easier.

Payment without Any Detours

Companies use a variety of different payment types. The payment transaction offering, along with liquidity control, is one of the most important functions of Credit Suisse Direct, and the developers have also optimized navigation for this. There is now a smart payment assistant, which remembers similar, past transactions via keywords. In addition, it is now possible to make payments via direct links from the start page as well as all account pages. Of course, ISO 20022 compatibility (more on this in the "Harmonization of Payment Transactions in Switzerland" article) was also integrated.

Online Leasing

There is a new digital channel for online leasing of capital goods and vehicles. Using the Online Leasing interface, clients receive a real-time overview of their leasing portfolio as well as access to the individual agreements. Non-binding offers for new contracts can be requested via this portal. Using e-signature, contracts can then be concluded in a paperless and efficient manner.

Online Credits

Similar to Online Leasing, the Online Credits interface offers an overview of the current credit situation of a company at any time, day or night. The interface shows the credit types, as well as the credit limits and interest rates. The individual credit structure is also graphically itemized and shown in a clear manner. Requesting new credits for small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) corporate clients via Online Credits is also very simple. In Credit Suisse Direct, the current progress of credit applications can also be tracked.