leasing is the optimal financial solution for bardusch ag

Bardusch AG on leasing as a financing solution

A fleet of 70 dark-blue trucks is on the roads all across Switzerland every day, transporting the 250,000 pieces of clothing that Bardusch AG washes daily. This truck fleet is financed through a leasing agreement with Credit Suisse – a business model that Bardusch AG also offers to its customers by providing professional workwear.

Lease agreement in 24 hours

"The truck fleet is our calling card," says Heidi Zaugg, Executive Board Chairman and COO at Bardusch AG, and she continues: "As a company that sells cleanliness, our expectations for the environmental friendliness of our vehicles are naturally very high. This is why we change out our trucks regularly. Credit Suisse plays an important role here because we lease our 70 trucks through our bank, which leaves more liquidity for day-to-day business."

Heidi Zaugg values the speedy, uncomplicated process: "We define a leasing framework agreement at the beginning of the year with our client advisor, Jörg Beer, and we contact the bank's leasing department when we need a new vehicle during the year. We have the approval for a new truck within 24 hours, which is really fast," she notes.

Heidi Zaugg, Executive Board Chairman and COO at Bardusch AG on the Bank for Entrepreneurs

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The "clothes bank"

Leasing is also part of Bardusch AG's business model. The company is an industrial laundry firm that cleans workwear for hotels, healthcare services and industrial enterprises, but most of the clothing doesn't belong to the customers. Bardusch AG owns uniforms and clothing, which the customers lease. "In all, we have 60 to 70 million articles of clothing in circulation through our leasing program. Our customers appreciate the same things about us that we appreciate about Credit Suisse: The capital is available for use elsewhere," says Zaugg.

Bardusch AG's service begins with designing the work outfit and then embroidering or printing on the company logo. The lifecycle of a piece of clothing is approximately four years. During this time, it will be picked up by the blue trucks countless times to be washed at one of Bardusch's locations. The pants, shirts and overalls are fitted with an RFID chip or a barcode to make sure they get back to the right customer. This allows them to be sorted by any criteria if defined in advance. Some clients only want their uniforms sorted by type of article and size; others by the wardrobe unit or individual wearer.

Critical questions are welcome

This option for individual sorting is one of the newest business lines at Bardusch AG: For the last year, the Basel location has also been washing and folding laundry for nursing home residents, which is then returned to the owners in their individual laundry bags. "Credit Suisse understands our business model and asks critical questions about new ideas when necessary," Zaugg says. "We openly share our strategy with our client advisor and communicate where we want to invest early on. That has served us very well. For us, Credit Suisse is truly a bank for entrepreneurs."

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