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  1. Silvio Inderbitzin and Gabriela Inderbitzin Founders Umbrella Foundation Symphasis CS Entrepreneur Success Story

    Symphasis Foundation: An Own Foundation with Minimal Time and Effort

    Two years ago, Silvio and Gaby Inderbitzin established their own foundation, called Edusiga, under Credit Suisse's umbrella foundation Symphasis. Their capital now helps a number of young Kenyans to earn their high school diplomas each year, giving them a life of greater opportunities. 

  2. Viviana Buchmann Chairman of the Board of Directors Catch a Car AG CS Entrepreneur Success Story

    Catch a Car AG: The First Free-Floating Car-Sharing Offering in Switzerland

    Viviana Buchmann helped make Mobility extremely successful. Now, with Catch a Car, she is running Switzerland's first free-floating car-sharing service and sat down with us to explain how essential long-term thinking is to business success. 

  3. Mélanie Eppenberger Chairman of the Board of Directors Toggenburg Bergbahnen AG CS Entrepreneur Success Story

    Toggenburg Bergbahnen AG: "We focus on the qualities of the region"

    How do you make long-term plans for a risky undertaking like a mountain cableway? Mélanie Eppenberger, Chairman of the Board of Directors at Toggenburg Bergbahnen, talks about the vision behind their most recent investments, ideal financing solutions, and how she counteracts the dependency of the business on the weather.

  4. Sector Handbook 2017 CS Publication Study Companies Entrepreneurs

    Sector Handbook 2017: Where are the Swiss industries moving?

    Credit Suisse's 2017 Sector Handbook takes a look at the 27 biggest sectors in Switzerland and offers a perspective on the most significant developments over the coming years. Where are the risks, and where are the opportunities?

  5. Björn Kreisel CEO of Noventa Consulting AG CS Kaizen Entrepreneur Success Story

    Noventa Consulting AG: Kaizen – Higher Revenues with Less Effort

    "Kaizen” became an internationally recognized term through auto manufacturer Toyota, which has used this Japanese philosophy in its production for decades. Noventa Consulting AG advises companies on implementing Kaizen and believes that if implemented consistently, it could keep many jobs in Switzerland.  

  6. Marc and Kevin Willy Managing Directors of Nile Clothing AG CS Entrepreneur Success Story

    Nile Clothing AG: Consistent, Efficient, On the Go

    At just 26 and 28 years old, Marc and Kevin Willy took over the Swiss fashion label Nile. Before that, Kevin set up an office for the company in Shanghai, and Marc drove their expansion into Germany forward. Above all, however, they are a step ahead of other companies in digitalization.

  7. Andreas Steiner CEO of Seitz Gruppe CS  Lean Management Entrepreneur Success Story

    Seitz Group: Lean Management

    Seitz makes valves for various industries, including PET bottle production and nuclear power plants. Four years ago, the company made the decision to keep its production facility in Switzerland despite tremendous cost pressure. CEO Andreas Steiner tells us what actions were taken to boost efficiency following that decision.

  8. Success Factors for Swiss SMEs 2016 CS Publication Study Companies Entrepreneurs

    Success Factors for Swiss SMEs 2016: Digitization – an Opportunity for SMEs

    Despite the positive overall assessment of Switzerland as a business location by SMEs, there are challenges as Switzerland has been increasingly at issue as an industrial and business location since the abolition of the EUR/CHF minimum exchange rate on January 15, 2015. Of the five measures surveyed for countering locational disadvantages, the SMEs describe the introduction of new technologies as the most important one. These are the findings of the survey conducted by Credit Suisse Economic Research. 

  9. Study – Corporate Succession CS Publication Study Company Entrepreneur

    Company Succession in Practice: The Challenge of Generation Change

    For every entrepreneur, corporate succession is one of the most crucial strategic tasks to be performed. Our survey of over 1,300 Swiss small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) clearly shows just how important this subject is in the eyes of business owners. More than three-fourths of the managers surveyed had already begun in some form to tackle the issue of finding a successor. 

  10. Company Exchange Companies CS Opportunity Net

    Company Exchange for SMEs

    Referral platforms exist not only for private relationships, but also for companies. With Opportunity Net, Credit Suisse manages one of the largest databases of its kind in Switzerland.