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Questionnaire on payment transaction harmonization

We are pleased that you could take the time to fill out the following questionnaire. This will help us to best meet your needs during the harmonization of payment transactions and plan the migration schedule with you. It will take approx. 10 minutes to complete.

Note: Please fill out the questionnaire completely. Only then can we provide optimal assistance and support to you through the harmonization of Swiss payment transactions.


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1. Whom may we contact directly regarding payment transaction migration in the future?

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2. Have you already looked into payment transaction harmonization?

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3. Which payment transaction software do you use for the electronic placement (i.e. creation and submission) of file-based payment orders?

4. When are you planning to migrate your payment transaction software to the new XML format?

5. Which Credit Suisse services are you interested in during the payment transaction harmonization?

6. How would you rate the current automation level of your notifications and statements?

7. How important are the following online banking functions to you?

8. In addition to Credit Suisse, do you process payment transactions through other banks / financial institutions?

If yes, through how many banks / financial institutions in Switzerland:

If yes, through how many banks / financial institutions in Europe (excl. Switzerland):

If yes, through how many banks / financial institutions worldwide (excl. Switzerland):

Legal Disclaimer:

Your answers will be confidentially evaluated by CS AG in Switzerland in order to provide you with specific information on the further development of the harmonization of payment transactions and to estimate the support you need from CS AG. Your answers will be stored for a maximum of three years and then destroyed.

We assume that you are authorized to forward the information about yourself or your company to us and to issue the above authorizations and acknowledgments, also in your name or that of your company.

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Your Questions or Feedback

We welcome your questions and feedback. Please note that Credit Suisse will not process any transaction orders (payment or stock exchange orders), notification concerning change of address or applications to open an account that are submitted using this form.

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