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Harmonization of Payment Transaction

We support you professionally during your migration to SEPA/XML

Beginning on February 1, 2014, Europe has started to migrate national payment transaction processes to SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) and therefore to the new ISO 20022 standard. Switzerland, too, will standardize national corresponding payment transactions by 2018.

ISO 20022 Test Platform – new version available

ISO 20022 Test Platform

Get ready for ISO 20022 and analyze your new payments files. Credit Suisse offers a simple and an extensive test platform to support our customers and software partners with an effortless payment transition in the Swiss financial market. This means you can fully test all your existing payment flows without interrupting productive processes and without bank interaction. You can now test your files with an additional secure channel: SFTPS/FTPS (Direct Exchange). On the web interface, you are also able to see the Positive/Negative Test Notification, error and warning count, as well as advanced error recognition (in the XML viewer). Additionally, we extended our testing offer with pain.001 and pain.002, based on Swiss CGI standard.

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ISO 20022 Test Platform

Harmonization of Payment Transactions in Switzerland

Harmonization of Payment Transactions in Switzerland

Expert assistance for migrating your payment transaction prodcuts to the new standard

ISO 20022 Standard

ISO 20022 Standard

Everything you need to know about the ISO 20022 standard 

Migration of Payment Transactions in Europe

Migration of Payment Transaction in Europe

Expert Assistance for Introducing the SEPA Standard

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Documentation Pool

Information for manufacturers of payment software

Documentation Pool

Documentation Pool

Here you will find the most important documents on the topic of “Harmonization of Payment Transactions”, which will introduce you to the new ISO 20022 standard.

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