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Foreign Payments

Benefit from our expertise as a global bank. Carry out your cross-border payments securely, quickly and cost effectively.

Cross-Border Payments


As a Credit Suisse client, you can make payments in euros to an EU / EEA country quickly and cost effectively thanks to the SEPA standard.


The IBAN and BIC are mandatory for payments within Europe.

Invoicing Abroad and in Foreign Currencies


It is best to use your IBAN when invoicing clients abroad.

IPI (International Payment Instruction)

This international payment slip is suitable for billing foreign accounts receivable in all currencies.

Correspondent Banks

Use our global network of correspondent banks to optimize deduction of charges and transfer times.

Account and Cash Management

Multibanking Solutions

Would you like to efficiently manage not only your Credit Suisse accounts but also your accounts with other banks in Switzerland and abroad? Take advantage of our multibanking solution.

Individual Solutions, Professional Advice

Your requirements for payment transaction solutions are as individual as your company. Call the Business Center at the toll-free number 0800 88 88 74* or complete the contact form . We will be pleased to advise you.

* Telephone calls can be recorded.

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