General Information

Payment Channels

We offer the right channel for every need.

Direct Net and CLX.NetBanking Platforms

Direct Net

Direct Net lets you manage banking transactions online – around the clock and around the globe, quickly and easily.


A free software program that lets you enter your payments offline.

Payment Channels for More Complex Requirements

Direct Link

Direct Link connects your financial software with Credit Suisse – suitable for medium-sized to large payment volumes.

Direct Exchange

Use Direct Exchange to connect your large system with Credit Suisse – suitable for companies with high to very high payment volumes.


SWIFT offers direct, low-cost data exchange with Credit Suisse using the SWIFT network for standard communications around the globe.

Conventional Payment Transaction Channels


Use deposit slips with the multi-payment order for individual payments, or the form for standing orders in the case of regularly recurring payments.



*Telephone calls can be recorded.

Secondary Content


Telephone 0800 88 88 74 (free of charge)*