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SEPA Credit Transfer

As a Credit Suisse client you can use SEPA Credit Transfer to quickly and cheaply pay your bills in EUR in the EU/EEA area.

Thanks to SEPA Credit Transfer, you automatically benefit from SEPA and low transaction prices if you comply with the SEPA standards for euro payments within the EU/EEA region.

Your Benefits at a Glance

  • Maximum processing time: Payments may only take between one and three working days from the time the originator’s account is debited to the time the beneficiary's account is credited. If clients meet the cut-off times, Credit Suisse processes debits and credits on a same-day basis on bank working days.
  • Transparency of charges: The only charges the originator bank and beneficiary bank may levy on their respective clients relate to the processing of the payment instruction/receipt of payment
  • Full transfer amount: The entire transfer amount will be credited. Third-party and intermediary banks are not permitted to deduct charges.
  • No processing fees are charged by Credit Suisse for SEPA credit transfers.

How It Works

Normally speaking, no change will be necessary to the software and channels you currently use, allowing you to quickly and conveniently update your standard formats to make them SEPA-compliant.

The SEPA standards are as follows:

  • EUR transactions to EU/EEA countries
  • IBAN (International Bank Account Number) of the beneficiary
  • BIC (Bank Identifier Code) of the beneficiary bank
  • No payment routing parameters
  • No need to send notifications to the beneficiary bank
  • "Shared charges" option (Shared, SHA)

The receiving bank must also participate in the SEPA Credit Transfer procedure for payments to be processed using SEPA.

In terms of the transaction price, Credit Suisse does not differentiate between participating and non-participating banks. There is still the advantage of low transaction prices. If the beneficiary bank is not a participant in the SEPA procedures, the payment will not be treated as a SEPA Credit Transfer, but will instead be handled via the traditional correspondent banking route. The advantages with regard to maximum processing time, transparent charges and the crediting of the full transfer amount no longer apply.


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