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SEPA Direct Debit

SEPA Direct Debit offers the attractive possibility of making cross-border and national payments in euros.

Das SEPA Direct Debit enables you to make cross-border payments for goods and services in euros in EU/EEA countries and Switzerland. With Credit Suisse you can use this service to pay amounts owed throughout Europe.

Your Benefits at a Glance

  • Convenient payments in euros throughout Europe via direct debit from your account at Credit Suisse.
  • Both one-time and recurring direct debits for variable amounts are possible. This means, for example, that you can also pay for one-time purchases via direct debit.
  • You have:
  • Credit Suisse does not charge its clients for direct debits.

How It Works

Upon or after purchasing goods or services, you sign a SEPA Direct Debit Mandate (collection and debit authorization) in favor of the provider (creditor); together with your details, this mandate authorizes the creditor to collect the amount owed via its financial institution.

A written agreement must first be concluded with Credit Suisse so that collections can be debited from one of your accounts. This agreement exists between you and Credit Suisse, and is independent of the SEPA Core Direct Debit mandates between you and the creditors. If you do not conclude an agreement with Credit Suisse, your account will not be activated for collection of direct debits based on SEPA Direct Debit Mandates.


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