General Information

LSV+ (Direct Debit with Right of Objection)

LSV+/BDD offer rapid and secure processing of your recurring variable receivables in CHF and EUR within Switzerland.

LSV+/BDD are ideal for all companies that regularly collect receivables in CHF and EUR from their private or corporate clients. LSV+ (direct debit with right of objection) is used for private clients (business-to-consumer). BDD (Business Direct Debit) is used between businesses without any right of objection.

Your Benefits at a Glance

  • Support from a single source: As LSV+/BDD interfaces we offer you Direct Link, which features a direct link to your financial software, as well as our tried-and-tested online banking service, Direct Net .
  • Better liquidity planning thanks to timely receipt of monies and uniform booking procedures.
  • Increased streamlining and reduction in administrative expenditure for both you and your clients thanks to automatic procedures for collecting receivables and reconciling accounts receivable.
  • Cost-effective processing of bulk payment transactions.
  • Receivables can be collected in CHF and EUR

How It Works

The payer issues the payee a one-time debit authorization which entitles the payee to collect its receivables electronically and automatically via LSV+/BDD. This allows both parties to benefit from payment processing on the actual value date as well as a reduced need for reminders.


*Telephone calls can be recorded.

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