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Provide your IBAN to your payers to ensure fast, low-cost payments. For European payments, please also give them your Business Identifier Code (BIC).

IBAN (International Bank Account Number) is an international standard for indicating your account number. IBAN allows account numbers to be validated more simply, quickly, and reliably all over the world.

The IBAN must be quoted for payments within Europe. In addition, a Business Identifier Code (BIC) is required. The BIC is a unique identifier of the relevant bank. Payment orders to EU or EEA countries without any indication of IBAN or BIC may be subjected to a charge or rejected by the recipient banks. Credit Suisse levies an additional charge for payment orders in EUR without an IBAN/BIC

What Advantages Does IBAN Offer You?

Higher quality

  • More cost-efficient
  • Faster credit
  • Input errors recognized immediately thanks to check digit
  • Lower risk of rejection or delay

Quicker processing

  • Fewer manual interventions thanks to high level of automation
  • Less filtering
  • Integrated bank clearing number: only one number required for national payment transactions
  • Faster throughput times

Where Can You Find Your IBAN Number?

  • In Direct Net - under the Account/Account details menu item
  • In general, on your payment transaction documents

Structure of an IBAN Account Number



*Telephone calls can be recorded.

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