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Pay your bills at the click of a mouse.

What Is an E-Bill?

Electronic bills are replacing conventional paper-based invoicing. With e-bills, you can receive, check, and pay your bills in Swiss francs and euros in Direct Net anywhere in Switzerland.

Billers send invoices in electronic, digitally signed format to SIX Paynet Ltd. Before forwarding invoices on to Direct Net, SIX Paynet Ltd checks the electronic bills it receives for integrity, authenticity, and signatory authority and stores them in a long-term archive online. This ensures that legal requirements on VAT compliance and accounting are fulfilled. You then receive your e-bills in the secure Direct Net environment.

In order to receive e-bills and take advantage of the services listed, you must have a fee-based E-Bill Business Package agreement with SIX Paynet Ltd.

Your Benefits at a Glance

  • Simple: With e-bills, you no longer need to type in reference numbers, invoice amounts, and credit accounts.
  • Fast: Check your e-bills and pay them with a few clicks of the mouse.
  • Paperless: The e-bill function is paperless so it's great for the environment. Of course, you can save your e-bills in PDF form on your computer if you wish.
  • Easy to control: You can check and approve each e-bill, or click to reject it if there are any discrepancies.
  • Secure: E-bills are transmitted securely.
  • Affordable: E-bill processing and archiving are VAT compliant, and do not require investment in your infrastructure. 

Further information about e-bills for companies, the relevant agreement with SIX Paynet Ltd, and a list of all participating billers can be found at: .

How to Order This Service

  • You can register for e-bills in Direct Net under Payments > E-Bills > Register.      
  • If you wish to receive e-bills as a company, you need to register with SIX Paynet Ltd for the fee-based E-Bill Business Package service. Information and the agreement can be found at .
  • Once the service has been activated, you will receive a participant number and an activation key from SIX Paynet Ltd.
  • You can now register for e-bills with the desired billers under Payments > E-Bills > Billers.


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