General Information

Payment Orders in DTA Format

As a corporate client with large payment volumes, you can take advantage of electronic orders using the DTA standard.

Payment orders in DTA are suitable for all corporate clients who regularly process major payment volumes electronically and want to send file transfers to Credit Suisse.

Your Benefits at a Glance

  • Easy, secure and convenient transfer of payment data.
  • Proven Swiss standard for outgoing domestic and international payments.
  • Flexible, fast delivery, even for large volumes.

How It Works

Data delivery to Credit Suisse  

TeleDTA via Direct Net

File transfer via the Direct Net interface

DTA via Direct Link

File transfer via our interface to your multi-bank-compatible financial software


Accounts payable/wages module or special software (PayMaker etc.) for creating a DTA file.


*Telephone calls can be recorded.

Secondary Content


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