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Outgoing Payments

Are you looking for a convenient way to make your creditor and salary payments? We have the right solution.

Executing Payments in Switzerland

Standing Order

We recommend standing orders for recurring payment of a constant amount. Once you've provided us with instructions, you won't have to worry about it again.

Direct Debit (LSV+/BDD)

LSV/BDD are the best option for regular payments of varying amounts to a particular beneficiary.

Payment Orders in DTA Format

As a corporate client with large payment volumes, you can take advantage of electronic orders using the DTA standard.

Payments by Post

If you prefer, you can submit payments to Credit Suisse by post. Use the multi-payment order or Credit Suisse forms for individual payments or standing orders.


Electronic bills are replacing conventional paper-based invoicing. With e-bills, as a company you can receive, check, and pay your bills in Swiss francs and euros in our online banking tool anywhere in Switzerland.

International Payments

SEPA Credit Transfer

As a Credit Suisse client you can use SEPA Credit Transfer to quickly and cheaply pay your bills in EUR in the EU/EEA area.

SEPA Direct Debit

This procedure enables you to make cross-border payments for goods and services in euros in EU/EEA countries, Switzerland and Monaco via direct debit.

Correspondent Banks

Use our global correspondent bank network for non-SEPA payments in euros and other foreign currency payments.

Europe Connect Account

For Swiss Corporate Clients with High Payment Transaction Volumes in Euros to Europe: Your solution for reducing transaction costs between Switzerland and the EU/EEA.

Standards in Payment Transactions


Avoid delays in domestic payments by using the IBAN. For European payment transactions, please also use the bank identifier code (BIC).

SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area)

Thanks to the SEPA standard, you as a Credit Suisse client can reap the advantages of standardized European payment transactions in euros.


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