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Credit Suisse MyIBAN

An IBAN as Individual as You

In national and international payment transactions, the IBAN is one of the most important elements to ensure quick, reliable and cost-effective transfers. Now you can add a personal touch to your payments: With MyIBAN, Credit Suisse is the first financial institution in the world to give you the opportunity to choose your own personalized IBAN. Depending on the degree of personalization required, you can choose between the MyIBAN Select basic product or MyIBAN Custom special product for special requirements.

Our Solution

  • Create a special IBAN by personalizing the last 12 digits
  • Can be used in national and international payment transactions

Advantages for You 

  • A simple and memorable account number for you or your company
  • Easily recognizable in the national and international environment
  • Your previous IBAN remains valid

MyIBAN Select

The cost-effective basic product

We offer some individual attractive suggestions for your MyIBAN using your name and a max. 4-digit number combination of your choice. From this selection, you choose the MyIBAN that is best for you.

Simply select from various suggestions in Online Banking/Direct Net.

MyIBAN Custom

The special product for clients with special requirements

Your business requirements or individual needs demand an IBAN that goes beyond the suggestions provided by MyIBAN Select. You have a clear idea of how you want your customized MyIBAN to appear.

Let us know your chosen MyIBAN and we will be happy to check whether it is available.

Contact your client advisor today.

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