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Direct Net for Companies

Direct Net is especially suited for companies with small to medium-sized payment volumes. Deal with your payments quickly and easily via computer.

Payment Transactions

SMEs usually process their payment transactions via accounting software. This means that the import and export of data is of great significance.  


Transmit accounts payable and salary payments by file transfer.

Payment list

Recurring payments can be recorded in a list and carried out selectively if required.

Salary list

Salary lists fulfill a corporate customer's need for discretion by means of separate access arrangements.

Collect incoming payments by TELE ZED and process them in your accounts receivable.


Transfer account movements to your computer as a data file ( SWIFT format) - separate subscription needed.

User Authorizations

You can define users and also restrict their rights. Dual signatures can be displayed as such. Payments for approval are displayed clearly.

Electronic Banking Desk

You can contact our electronic banking consultants Mondays through Fridays, from 7:30 to 17:30 at 0800 88 11 88*. If you experience a problem and would like to receive training, we can also arrange a meeting at your firm.

* Telephone calls can be recorded. 

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