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Company Succession

Take advantage of our many years of experience for your succession process.

Company Succession – A Challenge That Can Be Met

Transferring the management of a company from one generation to the next is a complex procedure that confronts entrepreneurs with wide-ranging challenges. Our teams of specially trained advisors at various locations throughout Switzerland understand your needs and are familiar with tried-and-tested solutions. With the help of our network of experts, you will gain a clear picture of the potential stumbling blocks in succession planning.

Critical Success Factors

The succession process entails various risks, so bear the following success factors in mind.

Succession Process

Start dealing with the question of succession well ahead of time. To help you find your way through the process, it can be broken down into five phases.

Our Services To Help You Plan Your Succession

Our advisors will be your expert partners throughout the process. Take advantage of our services.

Personal Consultation

We're always here for you, and that's on a personal level too. To arrange a personal consultation or to discuss your questions about succession, call us toll-free on 0800 88 88 74* or use the contact form.

* Telephone calls can be recorded. 

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