General Information

Trade Finance Seminars

Whether you're attending an introductory seminar or in-house seminar - you're bound to benefit.

Introductory Seminar

Seminar participants will learn about the instruments the bank can use to safeguard payments and deliveries in the import and export business:

Letter of Credits / Documentary Collections / Guarantees

Other key aspects of the seminar are texts, document checking and the integration of these instruments into the agreement.

  • Morning: Focus on documentary credits and documentary collection
  • Afternoon: Focus on guarantees (bank guarantees)

Target Audience

Employees of trading, import and export companies who want to find out how banks guarantee payments and deliveries.


Seminar Date Location
Introductory Seminar
Friday, 17.06.2016 Bocken,
8810 Horgen
Introductory Seminar
Friday, 02.09.2016 Bocken,
8810 Horgen
Introductory Seminar
Friday, 21.10.2016 Bocken,
8810 Horgen
Introductory Seminar
Friday, 09.12.2016 Bocken,
8810 Horgen


Seminar participants can choose to attend in the morning or afternoon, or opt for
full-day training. Participation is free of charge.

Registration or more information

Just call us at: +41 44 332 11 91 or send a fax to: +41 44 333 31 31, or contact us using the form.

In-House Seminar

Would you like your seminar to take place at a nearby location or in-house (at least 10 participants)? Then contact the Trade Finance Service Center closest to you and let us advise you.

Advice from Our Specialists 

Our hotline – 0800 880 885 – is at your service Monday through Friday, from 08:00 to 17:00. Or you can contact one of our three Trade Finance Service Centers in Switzerland. 

* Telephone calls can be recorded. 

Secondary Content


Telephone 0800 88 88 74  

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