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Letters of Credit

The various forms of letters of credit are distinguished by the agreed level of security and the point in time at which risk is assumed.

Forms of Letters of Credit


In the case of an unconfirmed letter of credit, the correspondent bank merely notifies the seller that a letter of credit has been opened. In this case, it makes no promise to pay and is therefore not required to honor documents presented by the seller. As a result, the seller may rely exclusively on the issuing bank (letter of credit bank) and therefore bears the collection risk of the issuing bank and the country risk – according to their domicile – as well as the transfer risk.


If the correspondent bank confirms the letter credit (on behalf of the issuing bank), then it is committing itself towards the seller to honor documents that are in compliance with the documentary credit terms and presented on time. In this case, the seller receives not only an obligation by the issuing bank but also a legally equivalent and independent promise of payment on the part of the correspondent bank. The seller then bears the collection risk of the confirming bank and, if this bank is not domiciled in his country, the corresponding country risk – according to its domicile – as well as the transfer risk.


All letters of credit subject to the current "Uniform Customs and Practice for Documentary Credits" (UCP 600), which is effectively the norm nowadays, are regarded as irrevocable. It is possible in theory to open a revocable letter of credit, but this is no longer done in practice for various reasons (difficult wording/insufficient security [revocation]).


An irrevocable letter of credit is a firm commitment by the issuing bank to make payment if the documentary credit conditions are fulfilled. It may not be amended or canceled without the consent of the seller and all obligated banks.

If the seller wishes to amend or cancel individual conditions of the letter of credit, then he must ask the buyer to issue an instruction to the issuing bank in this respect.

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