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Other Financing Options

We finance your capital goods exports to emerging/developing countries with coverage provided by a government ECA or loan insurance.

Insurance Coverage

Export financing with insurance coverage. Loan granted to the importer (buyer) to finance individual imports of capital goods and services based on coverage provided by a private insurer (and possibly export credit agency (ECA) coverage of the country risk).

Project Financing

Loan granted to importer (buyer) to finance large-scale imports of capital goods and services (entire plants) based on future revenues (for example, a power purchase agreement). May include coverage provided by an export credit agency (ECA).


Purchase of claims from the export of individual capital goods and services without recourse to the exporter (seller). Bill of exchange claims with a bank guarantee are also forfaitable.

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Leveraged Finance

Also known as lease financing. A leasing contract between an investor and an importer (buyer) to finance large-scale imports of capital goods and services (entire plants), in order to exploit tax advantages.


Advice from Our Export Finance Specialists

Our hotline – 0800 880 885 – is at your service Monday through Friday, from 08:00 to 17:00. Or you can contact one of our four Trade Finance Service Centers in Switzerland.

* Telephone calls can be recorded. 

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