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General Information

Credit Suisse offers a range of tools to give you access at all times to current market events and the international currency markets. Our free online platforms allow you to conduct forex transactions directly, quickly, and flexibly.

The right solution for online currency trading and hedging. As a Direct Net user, you will also benefit from having a single login. And even then you can still define individual authorizations.

Credit Suisse is pleased to offer you my Solutions – your portal for customized currency management. My Solutions offers you the opportunity to create, calculate, and negotiate the perfect hedging strategies for your needs. With more than 200 currency pairs from forex and precious metals, my Solutions offers you the most possible benefits, real-time pricing, and implementation capacity.

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How much does this tool cost?

It is free of charge.

Where can I learn more about my Solutions and the related products?

At / mysolutions you will find all the relevant information that you need, e.g. user instructions, current information, and corresponding links.

Who can use my Solutions?

The portal can be offered to banks, external asset managers (EAMs), and corporate clients.

Should I close the my Solutions portal if there is an error message in the booking process?

No, don't close the tool if there is an error in the booking process. Follow the instructions on the screen and/or call the my Solutions hotline.

What do I need to do if I want to become a "my Solutions" user?

You can contact a Credit Suisse Structured Products advisor or the my Solutions Hotline. You will then undergo the activation process and should have access within a few business days.

Are there technical requirements for using my Solutions?

The new tool is based on Microsoft Silverlight technology. Silverlight is already installed on Windows PCs. During the activation process, we will determine whether your system meets the technical requirements to use the tool.

* Telephone calls can be recorded. 

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