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For whom is a structured money market investment suitable?

A structured money market investment is well suited to clients who have excess liquidity, are seeking higher returns than standard money market investments, and are willing to take a currency risk. 

What are the requirements for purchasing a DCD/FINER?

You must have liquidity in one currency and be willing to accept the alternative currency if necessary. As a formality, you must sign the "Authorization for Structured Money Market Investments" or for a FINER, the "General Authorization for Fiduciary Investments."

What is the difference between DCD and a FINER?

A DCD is based on fixed-term deposits here that are subject to withholding tax. With a FINER, fiduciary time deposits are the basis. If you want to purchase a FINER, you must also sign the "General Authorization for Fiduciary Investments."

Am I protected from negative price developments if I purchase a DCD/FINER?

No; since a DCD/FINER is a combination of fixed-term deposit and a sold option, it will not offer a hedge. You can find additional information on "Hedge Currency Risks".

What happens if the conversion rate is reached one day after conclusion?

Nothing yet. With a DCD/FINER Revexus only the exact maturity (reference date and time) is relevant. With a DCD/FINER with kick-in or knock-out, these barriers are monitored throughout the term.

Won't I get interest if the investment is converted?

You will receive the fixed interest rate in any case. Upon maturity, the investment amount plus interest will be repaid either in the investment currency or the alternative currency.

Why can you offer me an attractive interest rate?

It is compensation for the obligation you enter into. This is paid out as interest.

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