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Foreign Exchange Transactions

We are a reliable partner for your foreign exchange transactions. 

Those who maintain business relationships with foreign business partners are exposed to the risk of fluctuating exchange rates. Price fluctuations can significantly reduce the margin on the operating business of exporters and importers.

Your Benefits

  • Broad product range: For every risk profile and hedging need, we offer you proven solutions and instruments to effectively protect your company from rising or falling exchange rates.
  • Many years of expertise: Our globally connected specialists provide you with solid know-how on the worldwide foreign exchange markets. Depending on your needs, we will send you all relevant publications from our Economic Research unit.
  • Convenient online solution: The free Forex Trading and my Solutions online platforms allow you to handle foreign currency transactions directly on the internet, thereby giving you personal, convenient access to the international currency markets.

Our Solutions

Spot Transactions

Use the traditional forex business to buy or sell foreign currency for Swiss francs or other currencies at the current market rate.

Dual Currency Deposits

Achieve higher returns than with traditional money market investments. We offer you customized solutions.

Hedging Currency Risk

We can help you to protect your transactions against currency fluctuations. We'll find the best solutions for you.


Professional Advice at Our Foreign Exchange Centers

We're always here for you. We'd also be pleased to meet in person. Over 40 specialists at our foreign exchange centers in Zurich, Basel, Geneva, Lugano, and St. Gallen will be pleased to help you over the phone* or via email.

* Telephone calls can be recorded. 

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