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International Business Transactions

International Business Transactions

Our solutions for your internationalization.

Success Abroad with a Strong Partner

Our products are perfectly tailored toward successful international business. Not only do we offer you the right products, we also offer access to our strong international network and extensive know-how, allowing you to gain a secure and sustainable foothold in international markets. We will gladly assist you throughout the entire internationalization process.

Foreign exchange business

Learn more about our selection of foreign exchange products. As a professional partner, we will be pleased to answer any currency-related questions you may have.

Trade Finance

If you buy or sell goods and services, you will find a range of instruments to help you ensure that payments are made and services performed. Learn more here about documentary credits and documentary collection, as well as guarantees and surety bonds.

Export Finance

We finance your export capital goods and services with insurance coverage for the Swiss export risk (SERV) or private credit insurance. In addition, we support you with country information and can arrange contacts with local banks.


As an entrepreneur you face new challenges every day, be it securing liquidity, improving creditworthiness, expanding into new markets or optimizing receivables management. Factoring enables companies to effectively meet their core business needs.

Exclusive Partner Network

Affiliation with an established and stable network of international partners will help you make a quick breakthrough in your international business.

Personal Consultation

We're always here for you, and that's on a personal level too. Whether for consultancy, questions about international markets, or global trading opportunities for your company, you can reach us on freephone 0800 88 88 74* or via the contact form.

* Telephone calls can be recorded. 

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