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Business Easy

The simple banking solution for entrepreneurs

Business Easy is the full-service offer for small and medium-sized businesses. It includes the most important products and services for your daily financial needs.

As the bank for entrepreneurs, we will guide you through all corporate life stages, from incorporation and expansion up to succession. Flexible and tailored to your needs, the Business Easy Package can easily be supplemented with additional Business Easy options.

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Business Easy Package


The standard product

At a fixed price of CHF 11 per month, you will receive all key banking services in a single package.

Business Easy Options

Supplementary solutions for growing companies.

Our service model

Comprehensive support

  • Personal advisor in the Business Center
  • Local contact person
  • Online information and resources

Prepare and set up a company

We'll support you personally with your business plans

  • Make preparations: From the idea to owning your own company
  • Set up a company: Start up a company step by step

* Telephone calls may be recorded.
** Once we have all the necessary information and documents, we will send you the agreement to open a Business Easy Package.

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