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What we do

We finance your commercial ocean-going vessels, incl. tankers, dry freight and container ships.

Your Partner for Ship Finance

Credit Suisse has been involved in ship finance for over 70 years. We know the requirements of this specialized form of financing and are ideally positioned to offer solutions tailored to meet your needs. In doing so, we strive to take a comprehensive view of your assets and liabilities in order to find the best possible form of financing for you.

What Ship Finance Can Do for You

We finance 50% to 65% of your commercial ocean-going vessels, including tankers, dry freight and container ships, provided they are not more than 15 years old. For new vessels, we offer financing solutions both before and after delivery.

Financing Is Available for the Following Types of Vessel

Dry bulk vessels

Bulk carriers (>15 000 dwt)
Container vessels (>1 000 teu)

Wet gas carriers

Crude oil tankers (>30 000 dwt)
Product tankers (>20 000 dwt)
Chemical carriers (>10 000 dwt)
Gas carriers (>20 000 cu. m.)


Floaters, jack-ups, FPSO units, and OSVs 

We will consider the financing of other offshore vessels on a case-by-case basis. We are unable to finance ferries, cruise ships, livestock carriers, or fishing boats.

Customized Solutions for Individual Needs

Our services are aimed at first-class shipping companies and ship owners who wish to obtain financing. 

As a global company, we also offer you – in addition to ship, corporate aircraft, and other special financing (export finance, for example) – a comprehensive, 360-degree advisory solution encompassing private, corporate, and investment banking.

Your Benefits 

  • 360-degree advice
  • Customized financing for your ships
  • Asset management for both your corporate and private assets
  • Payment processing
  • Optimization of your company’s cash management
  • Support in developing succession solutions
  • Advice on specific ownership structures
  • Support for your IPO, private equity deals, or other capital market transactions

Professional Advice

As your requirements for ship finance are as individual as your company itself, why not take the opportunity to discuss these with us now using the contact details below.
We look forward to advising you.

CREDIT SUISSE (Switzerland) Ltd.
Ship Finance/Offshore
St. Alban Graben 1–3
P.O. Box 2560
CH-4002 Basel, Switzerland
+41 61 266 75 49

Mario Béhé, Head Ship Finance
Vasileios Papanikolaou, Head Ship Finance Market Areas Greece, Southern Europe, Middle East & Africa
Malte Schulte-Trux, Head Ship Finance Northern Europe, Northern America, Latin America and Offshore Drilling
Xiaodan Predoehl, Head Ship Finance Asia Pacific


* Telephone calls can be recorded.

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