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Loan Guidelines

From application through to repayment. The right approach, step by step.

Credit Analysis

Working Together

After the credit interview, the relationship manager contacts the credit specialist. Together, the relationship manager and credit specialist form your personal 'credit team', which is familiar with your company's specific situation and can evaluate it accordingly. The credit specialist analyses the loan application by looking at all the relevant information as a whole. In particular, he/she will check creditworthiness and solvency, which form the basis for the loan being granted.

Qualitative and quantitative factors play a role in Credit Suisse's analysis of the loan application. In this respect, certain minimum requirements PDF (66KB) are set for the borrower and the loan transaction.

Individual Financing Solutions

Contact your personal client advisor or our Business Center at 0800 88 88 74* or complete the contact form.

* Telephone calls can be recorded.


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