General Information

Forward Fix Mortgage

Secure Your Interest Rate for Tomorrow Today, with a Forward Fix Mortgage.

Your Benefits with a Forward Fix Mortgage

  • The mortgage interest rate is fixed at an early stage.
  • You are protected against rising mortgage interest costs thanks to a fixed interest rate.
  • You can budget for your mortgage interest costs in advance.

Your Needs

  • Because the interest rate environment is attractive at present, you intend to fix your mortgage interest rates today for a later period.
  • You are looking for security and you want predictable interest costs for the entire term of your mortgage.

What You Need to Know about the Forward Fix Mortgage


  • The mortgage interest rate can be fixed for up to two years before a new mortgage is paid out or an existing mortgage is extended.
  • The mortgage interest rate can be fixed for the entire term.
  • No interest rate fluctuations.
  • Option to choose direct or indirect repayment.

Suitable in these cases:

  • The Forward Fix mortgage is ideal if you think that mortgage interest rates are set to rise rapidly. This makes it suitable if you expect a higher interest rate when your mortgage is due to be paid out or your current mortgage is due to be extended.

Example of a Forward Fix Mortgage

Example of a Forward Fix Mortgage

Conditions for the Forward Fix Mortgage

Minimum amount

CHF 100,000


2–15 years (including waiting period)

Minimum amount

As per your individual offer


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