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Construction Loan

Choose the Right Financing Option for your Construction Project.

Your Benefits with a Construction Loan

  • Construction interest is optimized because it is calculated only on the credit amount that is effectively used.
  • Excellent flexibility for converting the construction loan into a mortgage (consolidation) – you can select the timing to suit your individual needs, and the conversion can be staggered.
  • Free choice of mortgage products when you consolidate your construction loan.
  • Construction loan with fixed consolidation dates: Early fixing of the interest rate ensures excellent cost predictability.

Your Needs

  • You need financing for the building work during the construction phase of your project.
  • You would like a flexible credit line so that you can pay contractors' bills as they fall due during the construction phase.

What You Need to Know about Construction Loans

Construction loans are ideal if you want to finance a construction project and you need a flexible payment facility for the bills associated with it:

  • Raising of capital for the purchase of building land as well as for new builds and renovations
  • Raising of capital for renovating residential or commercial property

The construction loan is initially managed as a current account credit. It is converted into a mortgage (or "consolidated") once construction is completed, if not before.

Construction Loan

Conditions for Construction Loans

Minimum amount

CHF 100,000

Term During the construction phase

maximum of two years

Credit commission

¼ % per quarter on the maximum amount utilized

Interest rate

As per your individual offer



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