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Select your personal solution from among our various financing models.

Take Advantage of Our Offer to Finance Your Real Estate

Are you planning to acquire your company's real estate or investment properties? Then let's discuss the right mortgage financing together. Alternatively, you can finance your business and investment properties with us via a leasing agreement without tying up your capital.

Mortgage Model

Fix Mortgage

Calculate Your Costs Thanks to a Fixed Mortgage Interest Rate.

Flex Rollover Mortgage

Take Advantage of Interest Rate Fluctuations with a LIBOR Mortgage.

Forward Fix Mortgage

Secure Your Interest Rate for Tomorrow Today, with a Forward Fix Mortgage.

Adjustable-Rate Mortgage

Enjoy Maximum Flexibility with an Adjustable-Rate Mortgage.

Construction Loan

Choose the Right Financing Option for your Construction Project.

Personal Consultation

We're always here for you, and that's on a personal level too. You can reach us on freephone
0800 88 88 74* or via the contact form.

* Telephone calls can be recorded.

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