General Information

Inhouse Factoring

Your customized solution comprises the financing of current assets, as well as credit risk insurance. Your company still handles receivables management.

Our Product

You sell outstanding receivables to Credit Suisse in order to finance your current assets. We handle all downstream processes such as receivables monitoring, reminders, and collections in collaboration with our partners. Credit Suisse also assumes the del credere risk in cooperation with third parties through the purchase of credit risk insurance. In contrast to full-service factoring, you handle receivables management yourself (in-house).

Particularly Suited to Large Companies

  • In-house factoring is suitable for medium-sized and large companies with annual revenue in excess of CHF 10 million.
  • The requirements for processes and monitoring are higher than for full-service factoring.
  • In addition to financing revenue growth, the positive effect on the balance sheet is often a key factor in favor of in-house factoring in the target segment.


  • Professional receivables management, i.e. a well-organized reminder process
  • Clear, rapid, and high-quality billing process

Personal Consultation

We are here for you – in person as well – for advice, answers, and offers relating to factoring.


* Telephone calls can be recorded.

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