General Information

Full Service Factoring

Your comprehensive solution includes the financing of current assets, outsourcing of receivables management, and protection in the form of credit risk insurance.

Our Comprehensive Product

You sell outstanding receivables to Credit Suisse in order to finance your current assets. We handle all downstream processes such as receivables monitoring, reminders, and collections in collaboration with our partners. Credit Suisse also assumes the del credere risk in cooperation with third parties through the purchase of credit risk insurance.

Particularly Suited to Up-and-Coming Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises

  • Full-service factoring targets up-and-coming small and medium-sized enterprises with revenue in excess of CHF 1 million in particular.
  • This product is particularly interesting for growth-oriented companies as the potential for factoring financing increases in line with turnover. In addition to this liquidity aspect, the other factoring services, such as the assumption of debtor default risk and receivables management, allow the entrepreneur to focus more sharply on core activities.


  • A rapid billing process

Personal Consultation

We are here for you – in person as well – for advice, answers, and offers relating to factoring.


* Telephone calls can be recorded.

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