General Information

Physical Cash Pooling

Our physical cash pooling service provides you with automated liquidity balancing.

With physical cash pooling from Credit Suisse, you enjoy automatic liquidity balancing on your Credit Suisse accounts.

Your Benefits at a Glance

  • Better overview of and easier access to group-wide liquidity.
  • Group-wide optimization of the interest situation.
  • Consolidated overview of interest income for your Credit Suisse accounts.
  • Cost savings and automation of manual employee activities in the treasury function (e.g. concentration of liquidity, settlement of intercompany interest).
  • On request, intercompany interest can be calculated and booked automatically based on individually specifiable intercompany interest rates.

How It Works

In the physical cash pooling process, automatic liquidity balancing is carried out among the Credit Suisse corporate accounts that you have nominated for the pool (participating accounts). During this process, the balances of the participating accounts are credited to or debited from your master account with Credit Suisse by means of actual transfers. You also have the option of entrusting Credit Suisse with the crediting or debiting of intercompany interest.

Grafik Physisches Cash Pooling

Who Should Choose Physical Cash Pooling?

  • Medium-sized and large corporates that have several Credit Suisse accounts in the same currency.
  • Medium-sized and large businesses that want to simplify and optimize their interest management.


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