General Information

Time Deposit with a Term of More Than One Year

Benefit from attractive interest rates with a time deposit in CHF, EUR, or USD and a term of more than one year.


Optimization of excess liquidity, medium-term investment of liquid assets.

Brief Description

  • Investment for corporate clients in CHF, EUR or USD at a fixed rate of interest
  • Term of 13, 18, or 24 months
  • The minimum amount is CHF/EUR/USD 250,000
  • No interest limit
  • No processing fees
  • A deduction of 35% withholding tax is made on the interest income.
  • If rising interest rates are expected, short-term investments are preferable. In this way, the funds can be reinvested at the higher rates of interest that may apply. If falling interest rates are expected, investments should be made as long-term as possible in order to benefit from the higher rate of interest during the entire term.
  • Further information and interest rates can be found in the PDF: Download product flyer PDF (233 KB)

Earnings Potential



  • Interest risk (interest rate is set for the entire term and early termination is not possible.)
  • Credit risk (bank's creditworthiness)
  • Currency risk (for foreign currency investments)

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