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Invest Medium to Long-term

Select attractive investment options with a medium to long-term time horizon.

Credit Suisse offers you a variety of attractive investment solutions for a medium to long-term time horizon. In close consultation with your advisor, you can select the right products from a variety of options and tailor them to your investment needs.


Bonds are debt obligations where the investor functions as a lender.


Equities are direct investments where the investor participates in a company as a shareholder.

Investment Funds

Investment funds offer a wide range of investment options depending on asset class, sector, region, country, and theme.

Structured Investments

Structured investments are financial products that are made up of a combination of equities, bonds, and derivatives.

Time Deposit with a Term of More Than One Year

Time deposits with a term of more than one year (terms of 13, 18, and 24 months) are direct investments at the bank that allow more attractive rates of interest to be offered on the basis of their medium-term maturity.

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