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Analyze Liquidity

Obtain an up-to-date overview of your company's liquidity situation.

The analysis of your company's current liquidity situation is important for deciding how to invest your available liquidity. The analysis is conducted as part of your financial planning.

Optimum Use of Available Liquidity

Optimal management of your liquid assets can generate additional income, because it allows you to invest unneeded liquidity profitably and in a timely manner. With an individual financial plan, you obtain an overview of future changes in liquidity and investment options. This is illustrated in the chart below.

Optimum Use of Available Liquidity

Financial Planning

As part of the financial planning process, we provide a detailed plan for the next year and a rough overview for the next two to three years. We follow the principle of being as realistic as possible and as detailed as necessary. This process makes it easier to recognize problems early and to take the right corrective measures promptly. It also allows us to compare the target situation with the actual situation on an ongoing basis. Go to our download center to order the brochure "Financial Planning for Small and Medium-sized Companies" or the Excel table "Financial Planning."

Liquidity planning 

Liquidity planning is the key instrument in financial planning. Liquidity planning means nothing less than ensuring that a company remains solvent at all times for the foreseeable future. Liquidity planning also gives you an overview of how much free liquidity can be managed in the short, medium, and long term.

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