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Short-term structured money market investments.


  • Traditional fiduciary investment (fiduciary deposit), combined with the development of the exchange rate for a currency pair, or the price of a precious metal.
  • The currencies and term (1 week to 12 months) are defined in advance.
  • The return depends on the development of the exchange rate for the selected pair of currencies, or the price of the precious metal.


  • Opportunity to benefit from upward, lateral or downward movements in the foreign exchange or precious metals markets.
  • Optimization of interest income on short-term liquidity
  • Tax-optimized investment as not subject to withholding tax


  • Credit risk (credit rating of bank) abroad
  • Exchange rate risk

FINER with Fixed Coupon

  • Redemption in the investment currency or second currency, depending on the development of the exchange rate.
  • Guaranteed coupon payment on redemption date.
  • Minimum amount: USD 70,000 (or equivalent in another currency).

FINER with Capital Protection

  • Predefined repayment amount in investment currency
  • Coupon payment depends on exchange rate development
  • Minimum amount: CHF 750,000 (or equivalent in foreign currency)

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