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Optimizing Returns in the Short Term

Take advantage of our comprehensive range of solutions for your short-term investments.

At Credit Suisse, a comprehensive range of solutions is available for you to invest any liquidity you do not need in the short term.

Cash Invest Account

The cash invest account is a savings account for managing your liquidity with attractive interest rates and flexible withdrawal terms

Time Deposit/Day-to-Day Money/Call Money

With time deposits, day-to-day money, and call money, you invest your liquidity in the short term. The interest rate is based on the current money market situation.

Fiduciary Deposit

With a fiduciary deposit, you invest your liquidity with a foreign bank. The investment is made by Credit Suisse.

Dual Currency Deposit (DCD)

A dual currency deposit is a traditional time deposit combined with a foreign exchange option.


The FINER (Fiduciary Investment with Enhanced Return) is a traditional fiduciary investment (fiduciary deposit) combined with a foreign exchange or precious metals option.

Call Account

With the call account, we offer you the potential of optimizing your return on unused liquidity.

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