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Advice on Your Future Private Finances

Comprehensive advice to give you security in your private sphere.

Asset Management

As an entrepreneur, you'll benefit from an analysis of your private situation in relation to your professional circumstances. Our asset management offers you increased security and protection based on needs-oriented advice, so you can exploit the potential for optimizing your finances in each phase of your life.

Comprehensive Financial Planning with Our Financial Check-up

If you so wish, your Private Banking specialist will work with a financial planner to analyze your overall income and asset situation, including your real estate and pension entitlements.
By taking all the relevant aspects into account, he or she will also be able to propose ways for you to optimize your private finances. As well as setting clearly defined targets for your personal financial planning, this process generates proposals for specific measures and ways of implementing them in the longer term.

Specialized Advice for the Healthcare and Medical Sector

Contact a client advisor near you who specializes in the healthcare and medical sector to arrange an appointment.


* Telephone calls can be recorded. 

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