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Credit Suisse – Your Professional Financial Partner for the Healthcare and Medical Sector

A Partner Who Speaks Your Language

As an entrepreneur in the healthcare and medical sector, you have special requirements. Our client advisors are very familiar with the conditions in the sector and we can therefore offer you solutions that are suitable for your financial plans. Everything you need – from a single source.


Solutions to Bring You Business Success

Focus on the essentials and let us develop financial solutions to match your requirements.

Advice on Your Future Private Finances

Exploit the potential for optimizing your finances with the help of an analysis of your private and professional situation.


Your Financial Challenges – Our Support

The new Health Insurance Act requires hospitals to increasingly rely on their own funding sources. We can support you in successfully managing this challenge.

Specialized Advice for the Healthcare and Medical Sector

Contact a client advisor near you who specializes in the healthcare and medical sector to arrange an appointment.


* Telephone calls can be recorded. 

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