Institutional Investors How You Benefit

How You Benefit

Success through partnership 

Our Clients

Whether private pension institutions, public corporations, charitable foundations, insurance companies or health insurers, Credit Suisse's wealth of experience makes it the best possible bank for institutional clients of all types.

Personal Advisor with a Comprehensive Network

Managing an institution's investments is a complex and challenging task. At Credit Suisse, you can rely on your partnership with your relationship manager right from the start. As your central and personal point of contact for all your questions and needs, your relationship manager can also call upon Credit Suisse's extensive network of specialists. Through your own personal advisor you therefore benefit from a local, comprehensive and professional service that ticks all the right boxes.

How You Benefit

  1. Local contact
  2. Expert knowledge on call
  3. Comprehensive range of products and services
  4. Short decision-making paths