Strategic Investment Consulting Training Offer for Trustees

Training Offer for Trustees

Take Advantage of Our Broad Training Offer. 

Successful and satisfactory trustee work requires relevant knowledge of second pillar matters. We, the Strategic Consulting team, convey in a concise manner the connections and concepts for both liabilities and asset investment. This enables you to better assume your leadership responsibilities as a trustee and comply with the legally prescribed guarantee of initial and ongoing training.

We also offer a selection of various training options for both new and experienced trustees. The training days cover the principles and current developments in the areas of employee benefits insurance and financial market theory, as well as asset and liability management. As a participant, you have the option of arranging the training units according to your individual needs. 

The training offering is currently under revision. We will be pleased to inform you about the details as soon as the new format is ready. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions.

Individual Training

As a specialist for institutional clients, we support you in your management duties and offer you individual training programs on employee benefits insurance, management tasks, and financial market theory. The venue can be your company offices, Credit Suisse offices in Zurich, or another location of your choice.

Personalized Advice

Team Strategic Investment Consulting

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